Ten Things About Our Boy


We’re settling into life in Ug*nda. We truly love being here. It’s a beautiful country and it’s begun to have familiarities and soul-nurturing qualities. I’m sitting outside on the patio watching my two littlest eat breakfast with a view of Lake Victoria. We’re enjoying this time of nurturing and healing-hearts. We pray that God gives us the wisdom to parent our boy’s grieving heart.
We thought we’d share some things we have learned about our boy so far.

  1. He has perfect teeth, you know the kind that makes Hollywood stars swoon.
  2. He loves to give big, open-mouth kisses and he runs to us for hugs.
  3. He sleeps for 12+ hours at night, praise the Lord!
  4. He does not like applesauce. We brought pouches of applesauce for snacks and after one taste he wrinkled his nose, and gave a look of disgust.
  5. He loves to drink water, lots of water!
  6. When he wakes up in the morning he just lays in his bed and waits for us to come, no crying, no tears, no calling out.
  7. He’s a slow and thoughtful eater.
  8. He does not know how to hold your hand or finger. But we will teach him!
  9. He is ticklish. It’s a joy to hear him giggle.
  10. 10. He loves his big sister Rosie. They have a cute relationship forming. She’s jumped right into her role as big sister and loves to play games with him and comfort him. I was changing his diaper earlier and he was fussing. She ran over to his head, snuggled in close and said, “shh, it’s oh-tay baby!” Rosie has had a beautiful example of what a big sister is.




8 thoughts on “Ten Things About Our Boy

  1. We are sitting in Harare reading this and feeling overwhelmed with love for you all! Beautiful and thank you for sharing! xoxo

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