Never a minute late!

Never a minute late-001

You’ll frequently hear me say, “God’s timing is perfect! He is never a minute late.” And while I genuinely believe this, there have definitely been times on our adoption journey when I have wondered why we had to wait. Sometimes, later on down the road, the answer will come, but other times I just don’t know.

Today we received a court date, for March 5. We are thrilled that it is now less than one month away, yet we wished it would be mid-February while John was already in country. Someday I may have the answer, but I may not, and I’m okay with that.

I will say that I know today was the day we were supposed to hear our court date, for a variety of reasons. The first being that today is the day that my friend Julie is donating 50% of her sales from her company, Kanga-Care, to our adoption. Wow! Then, this morning, after hearing our court date, I checked the mail at 10:00 am. Why? Because I’m a crazed adoptive mama! Adoptive mamas check the mail about 10 times a day. Our mail NEVER comes before 3:00pm, NEVER! Yet, today, when I checked, there it was. In the mail was a very generous gift to our adoption and the last document we needed to travel. Today was the day God intended and I am rejoicing in that. We serve a God who is never a minute late and that is worth celebrating!


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