Almost there…


I read this today, “Do you ever pray to God for help but then when a friend offers help you turn it down?” This has been profoundly true for John and I. It’s often easier to just do it ourselves, we won’t be “indebted” to anyone else and it will be done in our time and our way.  This adoption and the speed with which it came upon us left us no choice but to ask for help. Trust me when I say that if we could have sold something else or we could have found that money elsewhere and on our own we would have. We knew when we said yes to this boy that we also said yes to follow God’s plan, including where the funds would come from. God has made it abundantly clear that his plan, this time, was you! It’s been such a learning experience for us to put our pride aside and accept your gifts and your generosity.  When we cried out to God for help he sent it in the form of many friends and family. Thank you!

At this point you have blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. We are within $4,000 – $6,000 of being FULLY FUNDED, including agency fees & travel. AMAZING!  There are 38 hours left in our iPad mini giveaway. Please participate and share! We believe that God has this!


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