Humbled and Vulnerable


Two-years ago when we began our adoption journey John felt that we were to give away everything we had saved, to allow God space to perform a miracle in our lives. Tonight we look back over the last two years and that is exactly what has happened. Though we gave everything away in a different way than John originally pictured, we sit here this evening with nothing left to sell, nothing left in the savings account and a call from God that requires a rather large sum of money in a short amount of time. We know we cannot do this on our own; we must give up our prideful nature and let God work.

After announcing our plans on Monday night, today was an interesting range of emotions. This morning John and I woke up tense, perhaps a little angry. We were both feeling the stress of financial burdens. At about 8:30 John called, after dropping our oldest off at school, to say he received a phone call. The call was from a friend who will never know how much of an encouragement he was. We know it was no accident that the call came in when it did. Our spirits were lifted.

Tonight we sit together, profoundly humbled and deeply impacted by the gifts and generosity of our friends. We feel vulnerable and we know that is where God wants us to be. This is the space he can work in.

As of this writing we are $2,100 closer; God is so very good! We are confident that the reaming $12,000 needed to cover remaining agency fees and travel will be provided.

In case you missed it I posted a video of Roseline’s story that you may want to check it. It’s a brief glimpse into how God has guided in our lives in the last two years.


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