Protected by her Father's hands

We would like to thank every one for their prayers and support while we were away in Uganda. We could feel God’s leading on every step of our journey. At this point we would like to tell you that God led us to a child we believe is ours! We are smitten. While we won’t pretend to know God’s bigger plan we do feel that she is ours. We pray for her often and we pray that God directs in her life, for his glory. We are in love, but should God have other plans for her we will follow his leading.

The paperwork is in process and we hope to return sometime early next year to bring her home. We appreciate your prayers as our journey continues.

Due to the sensitive nature of adoptions we can only share little bits publicly. Here are a few photos of her precious feet & hands. Once she is legally ours we can share her face publicly with you all.

We're coming for you baby!


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Johnny and Melissa,
    I am so touched by the love you are extending to this little one. I too will pray that God guides her to you swiftly if that be His will.
    Blessings to you and your children near and far~

  2. Johnny and Melissa: Godspeed on your adoption journey! It’s amazing how quickly one can become attached to a complete stranger when you know it’s going to be yours! We’ll be praying that everything goes through smoothlyfor you and that you can bring her home soon.

    God bless,

    Jackie Ordelheide Smith

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